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But for the last few months, the fans of have not seen her in any news updates.

The 27-year-old Duggar is famous for not courting, or getting married and having kids.

Caleb responded wittily in the comments, "To all the folks out there wondering: No, I had no idea my unmentionables were hanging out.

In the future, I will probably triple check to verify the integrity of my outer garments before any such pictures are snapped and shared.” Still, no word on his relationship with Jana!

She was seen with her sisters, having lunch with her mother and enjoying herself on family outings.

However, he was recently rumored to be courting a girl in Texas.

It’s unusual for the Duggar kids to have careers — Michelle and Jim Bob encourage their sons to learn a trade and their daughters to get married young.

Meanwhile, after a false rumor that Jana was courting Jonathan Hartono, there have been no updates about her personal life.

The last time that the family included Jana in an update post was when the family went to Silver Dollar City.

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